When The River Rises (kman spin) Alternative

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When The River Rises

The river flows fast today, and higher than before

while words are used like weapons, as if they guard the door

the river does not hear it, the politics of men

it only listens to the earth, its nature that must win



When the river rises, everybody, heads for higher ground

when the river surges, debates are useless, and then we join hands


The river does not know our language, it has no need to learn

global warming verses profit statement, it never will discern

the rhythms of the earth it knows, what it takes for life

its judgement will be final, it will not lose this fight



When the river rises, everybody, heads for higher ground

when the river rages, debates are useless, its then we join hands

when the river breaks its banks and washes away the words we use

when the river refuses, to hear, me and you



When the river, renders, the verdict, at last

when the river, calls due, the debt, from the past


instrumental verse


CHORUS 2 again...and fade out


Chords...per jguitar.com

intro/verse 1...A   A9sus4   A   A7sus2   D6sus4   B7sus2#5/C#   A   A9sus4   D   D6sus4...3 reps

chorus 1...Bm   C#m#5add12add#13(C#m7#5add12)   D   E...repeat

intro/verse 2...same chords as verse 1

chorus 2...same chords as 1st chorus...4 repeats

bridge...F#7#9sus4(F#m11)   D5add9addb11add13   C#m#5add12add#13(C#m7#5add12)   Bm...repeat

instrumental verse...same chords as 1st verse...2 reps 

chorus 2...same chords as before...continue to fade

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Genre Alternative BPM 116.0

Collaboration started November 3, 2018 by kman
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