Growler (Andy, Mike, Paul, Simon, Bob) Hard Rock

  Spin-off   Spun by PaulsPercussion



Growler - Mix 031219 Uploaded 8mo+28dy ago by PaulsPercussion

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PaulsPercussion   commented 8mo+28dy ago

Comments? I have to re-master this, but I think it's done.

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MikeLucas   commented 8mo+28dy ago

Sounds great Paul! I have been singing it in my head all day today! Just a couple of suggestions: Are you able to fix the timing on the "tossed around" vocal at 1:20? It sounds off to me. I would prefer the overall vocal to be about 1-2 db louder. The background voc sits perfectly! Lastly, my lead track sounds great but they are out of sync (check my demo mix to compare). The timing is good, but the track is positioned early. If you need me to upload them again with a sync tone matching this mix, let me know! Great mix overall!!

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bcstudios   commented 8mo+28dy ago

i agree Paul..The lead vocal is a bit low but the overall mix sounds great..All these songs are coming along nicely!!

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PaulsPercussion   commented 8mo+27dy ago

Thanks guys! Changes made and I'll upload the changes soon. Mike, I've been meaning to start a conversation (and I will) about mixing. I'm always striving to get better at mixing/mastering and I think that I'd benefit from learning some of your processes. Your mixes are always crisp and clean. In fact, I think we'll have you re-mix the ones that you haven't, for the album, so they are consistent. Anyway, I always leave an 8 count (two measure) count in, on songs and send my seps with the first measure (and first beat of 2nd measure) with the click included. It just makes it easy for the user to double check the sync. I fixed the leads on this easy enough (weird, it was off by 3 8th notes from the beginning), but in the future, a click in is always good. More later!

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MikeLucas   commented 8mo+27dy ago

Paul Thanks for moving those tracks! Funny, I don't think our mixes are much different. I tend to like a touch more kick and maybe a little more processed sound than you, but your mixes are always very good! You have a great ear for guitar mixing! Anyway, I only started mixing a few years ago so I am learning too. I am happy to share the mixing duties with you, or mix it all. I agree continuity is important for sure. The one thing I am learning is that after you get the fundamentals, it's so subjective! Feel free to send me any questions you have about how I get certain sounds, etc. Happy to share!!

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SimonW   commented 8mo+27dy ago

Wow, this is sounding fantastic! Great work!

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PaulsPercussion   commented 8mo+27dy ago

Thanks, Simon! Thanks for the lyrics. They work Great with this!

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AndyGupta   commented 8mo+27dy ago

Sounds good on a quick listen Paul. I read that you will be remixing so I will hold detailed critiques till then. Great song, love the breakdown, kind of early Purple isnt it? Andy