Please Don't Go Indie Rock

  Spin-off   Spun by ipft

This collaboration is finished, and not accepting any further uploads.


Please Don't Go Uploaded 9mo+5dy ago by PMTStudio

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PMTStudio   commented 9mo+6dy ago

just trying to add tad more shine to it let me know if its better than ver3

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ipft   commented 9mo+6dy ago

Running through a meter plugin, looks like this has been upped by a couple of dB and with more dynamic range. Have you increased the stereo spread too? Think I prefer this one but will take a few listens in the car to make sure its not just the loudness increase that's better.

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PMTStudio   commented 9mo+5dy ago

the first ver3 was for streaming levels the second one for cd used a different multi band compressor limiter from Colin @ McDSP as well as a Elysia Alpha Compressor on both as well as some finetuning eq amongst some of the things i used , if i was able to load up a picture or two I could illustrate better all that was done Statistics for: /Volumes/PMT Studio wd/A RECENT WORKFILES folder/KOMPOZ/Please Don't Go/-Please_Dont_Go_Ver_3.0.wav Number of Samples: 9801476 Sample Rate: 44100 Bit Depth: 16 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Left Right Peak Value: -1.03 dB -1.02 dB Avg RMS: -15.46 dB -14.58 dB DR (Channel): 12.28 dB 11.45 dB ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Official DR Value: DR12 ============================================================================================== The other is: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Statistics for: /Users/michelpetulli/pCloud Drive/PleaseDontGo (886909)/EngineeringMastering-PMTStudio-Please_Dont_Go_Bluemeanie_Mix_Ver_3.wav Number of Samples: 9801476 Sample Rate: 44100 Bit Depth: 16 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Left Right Peak Value: -2.88 dB -1.88 dB Avg RMS: -17.70 dB -16.82 dB DR (Channel): 12.39 dB 12.32 dB ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Official DR Value: DR12 ============================================================================================== Thanks for using the Loudness Penalty analyzer - here are the results for your file: -Please_Dont_Go_Ver_3.0.wav YouTube: -- Spotify: +1.1 TIDAL: -- Pandora: +1.5 iTunes: 0 (*) iTunes penalty values are approximate What do these numbers mean? The Loudness Penalty value tells you how much the playback volume of the track you tested will be changed by each streaming service, in dB (decibels). So for example, since YouTube doesn't increase playback levels, your track will be played back at its original loudness when people listen to it there. If the LP was negative, say LP -3, then your song would be played back 3 dB lower than its original loudness. Spotify does lift the level of songs with positive LP scores though, so since your track scores LP +1.1 (a positive value), its playback level will be increased by 1.1 dB.


Bluemeanie72   commented 9mo+5dy ago

Sounded great to me :) really love this little song, it?s a corker

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PMTStudio   commented 9mo+5dy ago

Loved it at first listen that is why I was ready for mastering and enjoyed doing it.