Blood Guts and Zombies - (A Halloween Song) Alternative

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polishing up

By Hollie Olson
1mo+14dy ago

I am uploading seps as you requested in our messaging. Vocals without the fancy processing, a processed one and the separate track that has the processed echos and the scream.  I do feel the style of this song calls for the type of vocal processing I did with the toy/megaphone sound on the echos and that first half of the second verse.


As far as that melody change on the chorus. I went down on "like you should" I just copy and pasted one in where I stay up on "like you should" instead. It's morning here and not singing time for me. LOL. 


I will upload my organ sep.  I agree that your keys, while great, maybe don't work as well with my keys and my melody.  If I cam to change anything more vocally, I will need to do that before I pay a girl to come sing harmony on the choruses.


Yes, I agree on you adding in guitars on the first half of verses, I agree that an outro would be good too. 


Lyric changes?  Not clear on what you wanted there. Tracy?


I have an album just wrapping up and Sergio, if you don't mind I would like to go ahead and include this song. It has rock and pop on it already. Tracy can tell you that I produce really pro albums with artwork etc... and will send you one at my expense, not that I make money or have a fan base. But you have full credit of course for your part.   Okay?







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Poisoned   commented 25 days ago

No problem including in your album. But I want a signed copy :)

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hollieolson   commented 25 days ago

Of course!!

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xvpusw   commented 24 days ago

Yeah her albums are all pro!

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hollieolson   commented 24 days ago

Ah thanks Tracy!