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BB REGGAE DRUMS ONLY Uploaded 5mo+17dy ago by RealAl

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Cibrshrink   commented 5mo+16dy ago

Thanks for adding all of your drum tracks - drummers have a lot of uploading work! I will dig into these tracks, engineer, mix and see what I can export. I will add my new tracks this eve also. The song sound has changed with my acoustic guitar track. I re-recorded keys playing on the "and" - they are much tighter sounding tracks - earlier version was not all in time correctly. The only addition form drums I can suggest is - if you have timbales - adding quick timbale fills at the end of the verses and chorus. Here are time sin the track examples: 0:52 - end of verse 1 1:36 - end of chorus 2:19 - end of verse 2 3:02 - end of chorus 2 - you get the idea. If you don't have real timbales - and have digital - that would be ok. If you do not have any at all - no worries. Once again, thanks for all of your efforts. I hope to write lyrics and/or find a writer and hopefully a singer, some clean lead guitar. It is not easy to assemble the people to finish these songs - I will post a version on the community page when I get a new mix and hopefully somebody else will join in.

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RealAl   commented 5mo+16dy ago

I think others will begin contributing.