A Thin Ice Kind of Life Pop/Rock

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Thin Ice - 2019-01-25 Uploaded 1yr+4mo ago by stoman

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stoman   commented 1yr+4mo ago

Another quick tweak. Better volume balance (hopefully).

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dwfreak   commented 1yr+4mo ago

Think you just hit the sweet spot on this one my friend, great or perfect I should say but heyyy I am only the drummer in the house ;-) Cheers and have a great weekend my friend. Chris.


bass4Low   commented 1yr+4mo ago


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JenCarie   commented 1yr+4mo ago

shwooo shwooo (thats my whistle) haha. Perfecto! ;)

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RealAl   commented 1yr+2mo ago

Very Nice: I hear elements of "...Broken Glass..." and The Pretenders. Not to ignore the Sweet doubling of lines reminiscent of Allman Bros and such... Very Well Done... One of your BEST... Release this to the WORLD.