Maddest Men Pop

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MaddestMen OTW e guitar 2 GM Uploaded 6mo+7dy ago by offthewall

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FourAM   commented 6mo+7dy ago

Being the creator of this collaboration, I thought I'd just say thanks. I told Tony earlier, that I have to take a little break from dealing with lots of sounds in my headphones, or else the tinnitus that I suffered from in the 90s may come back. Half a week is probably enough. Or even just two days. I listened briefly, though. Perhaps the GM version is it. Don't know if I picked the right word when i wrote 'polite', but as you probably know, English isn't my native language.

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tbase2000   commented 6mo+6dy ago

Thanks man! I'll see what I can do. Ahh...the famous ringing of the ears. I pretend they are a cheering audience that follows me everywhere. :)