Appalachian Moonshine (short version) Alternative Country

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Creative Brief


My daddy worked hard, all his life

Tryin to pay the bills, and raise us right

He told us tales, when he was young

About some good ole' boys, and things they'd done

Up in the hills, late at night,

a steady fire burning not for campfire light

Corn meal sugar, water and yeast,

Carried up the hills of East Tennessee

Mixed just right, on an open flame

We were so cool, thought ahead of the game



Appalachian Moonshine is/..

Fun-- to make

Roll in the dough


Corn meal sugar,

water and malt

Watch out for the man

Pray ya not caught

From East Tennessee to KY state line

We planned on running Appalachian Moonshine

Yeah planned on running Appalachian Moonshine


We tried real hard, it was our first time

Red is dead, blue is fine

An open fire, a clear blue test

We began to boast, ours was the best

So we had to test, make sure we were right

A lil' too much throughout the night


It's fresh and raw,

It'll give you a kick

hits your taste buds, mighty quick

Turns the meekest man into a down right dick

Fighten' and brawlin till their sick

Yeah fighten' and brawlin' till we got sick



Drinking up the profit, we had in mind

To ship from Knoxville to Ky state line

The order was large, the strongest kind

We lost our ass, on Appalachian Moonshine

Yeah lost our ass on appaAppalac Moonshine



The music was loud, the lights were bright

The cops charged in, we were ready to fight

Swinging our arms, our fist held tight

Face hit the ground from drinking all night

Now we cursed one another, while we sit in jail

Not a penny to our name, to pay our bail

Those people still wait to get their shine

But it's too late, county cops feelin' fine

Oh we lost our ass 

Appalachian Moonshine

No we never, ever tried that again

Appalachian Moonshine kicked our ass in the end



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Genre Alternative Country

Collaboration started November 27, 2018 by Elaynious
Last upload 4mo+21dy ago

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