Mega Church (kman spin) Singer/Songwriter

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Mega Church - V2.3 Uploaded 11mo+18dy ago by kman

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kman   commented 11mo+19dy ago

Thought I work through our order book when I found a hint from my boss: "Rock Stars first!". So I had to finish this tonight :))

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JenCarie   commented 11mo+19dy ago

Bahahaha!!! :))) I love how sarcasm is a universal language. You totally get me. lol. You da man, Kman! Thank you so much... ;)

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kman   commented 11mo+19dy ago

Oh, it's not been sarcasm, just my sense of humor and love for nonsense :)) So this can be considered finished? Should we send it to the shop (soundblend - just a few clicks away)? I could not copy the icon from the parent collab. Could you update the icon?

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ccarnucci   commented 9mo+9dy ago

What a lovely vibe and message.