THE BLACK JOKE (a sea shanty with lyrics by Joel Sattler) Contemporary Folk

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THE BLACK JOKE a sea shanty with lyrics
by Joel Sattler

The Black Joke was built as a Baltimore clipper
of 260 tons with American skipper
so solidly rigged as fast as was big
a strong lady two masted oak wooden brig

for three years she sailed as the Henry the Fourth
picking up slaves and selling them north
3000 slaves across to Brazil
until she was captured by British Sybille

she was bought on the block as his majesty's ship
to fight with the slavers make an end of it
they gave her a name as good as a rope
and everyone smiled to call her The Black Joke

cause the Black Joke you see was an old bawdy song
as sure as obscene and oh twice as long
she was deadly each inch from the fore to the aft
and when her guns spoke she would have the last laugh

the Black Joke became a legend of sea
and her promise became a mere history
but remember her name when you’re lost in the smoke
her spirit lives on HMS The Black Joke.


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Genre Contemporary Folk Key B flat major BPM 135.0 acoustic folk sea-shanty traditional

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