Demon - Resurrect me Electronic

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[verse 1] [00:45 to 01:28] Hail! The great king of a kingdom that you lost! For centuries, you have been bearing this cost Grant me an audience in your burning court It is time that you win back your crumbling fort All that you need, my Lord, is people to rule My dogs have been brainwashing them since pre school So let me go to the pests and have my way I assure you, great King, they shall all obey [chorus] [01:29 to 01:48] Stones and pearls are nothing for you and me Loot them, throw them in the sea Blood is our sport, killing our art It's high time that you play your part [01:48 to 01:50] Resurrect me! [verse 2] [02:02 to 02:45] My dear locusts have been hungry since ages They call for me to free them from their cages So rejoice for we will feast over their farms We will chew off, remorseless, their sacred charms I will force feed them with scarcity of food I will hammer nails into their brotherhood With balls of fire, this dull, grey world shall glow With the blood of children, the rivers shall flow [chorus] [02:46 to 03:05] All those Gods keep saying, "You have no right!" Reclaim what was yours, black knight I am aware that I was once human Correct me, the war shall be won [03:05 to 03:07] Resurrect me! [03:15 to 03:16] Resurrect me! [03:25 to 03:26] Resurrect me! [outro] [03:46 to 04:24] The seven seas will turn red His angels will make your bed Skies will turn forever grey Predators will turn to prey Towns will be run by your kind The demigods will run blind Kingdoms will fall to your feet You will own their heartbeat All shall kill for survival There won't be a revival The stink of death will plague air Bodies shall be everywhere Horrors, once so unspoken Will leave everyone broken Systems will grow so rotten Yes! God will be forgotten

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