Earth's Ill's Burning (ft. The Amazing Stylings of Bernd, Billy & Claudio) Rock

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Drums/Earth's III Burning

By Tony Sawyer
8mo+4dy ago

Hi......I haven't been on my Kompoz account in quite some time...but searching around for some possible projects as I am stuck at home and the studio haha.  Found your song and liked it, so wanted to possibly try some drums for you if you need them.  I teach music production at a small college in NC and have my own school studio I use as a lab for teaching.  Also do some private work when I get the time.  As I said, I don't log on to Kompoz much any more, so if you want to quickly get in touch with me please feel free to email me at my home email

Could you possibly load up a composite vocals track....or if you have time, a full stem of the song without your drum track?

Just figured if you had those it would be much faster than me building a track out of your stems.  Just let me know.  If not worries.....just wanted to offer possibly trying it out :)



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