LOST IT ALL Adult Contemporary

  Spin-off   Spun by ShannonB



Lost It All LyricsAbound k Uploaded 3 days ago by ShannonB

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JCarr1377   commented 2 days ago

I love your voice. I really hope we can finish our song soon with Dave Fowler. I tear up every time I hear you sing it. Which tells me you are anointed girl! Totally. I love this melody. I love how sweetly you sing it. <3

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ShannonB   commented 2 days ago

Thanks! I'm going to be looking over the rest of the lyrics to see if there needs to be a male vocal part in there. But the piano part just really attracted me to the song. And yes, I love our song too, so don't let me slack off! If there's something I need to catch up on, now or at any point, you might have to poke me or something! :) You'll hear me say it a lot, but I'm a stronger starter than a finisher. I have a New Year's list. :) Forget Christmas lists, it's way too late for that! Also, if you want the song to go beyond kompoz, you have to let me know, because it will require studio vocals. I actually need to redo these, because I did them right about the time my SuperVoiceRecorder on my phone went all wonky. Now I can only record on my little Samson.