Lovesick Singer/Songwriter

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Lovesick window OTW test 1 Uploaded 1yr+8mo ago by offthewall

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offthewall   commented 1yr+8mo ago

Love everything about this song, guys. This is my rough idea, first take. Can probably be improved on if the idea works for you.

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peterrand   commented 1yr+8mo ago

Thanks for your kind words James. And thanks for the vocal and guitar additions. There are some nice touches here. I am not 100% sure it fits what I had in mind, however I am wrong more often than I care to repeat! Let's see how it goes, we can spin off either way if we get two different visions ! Thanks again.

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offthewall   commented 1yr+8mo ago

Thanks Peter. My initial approach to this was to make the vocal slower in pace so a verse would cover 16 bars but the music bed wasn't long enough. Hence the 8 bar verses in this version. If you wanted to add in an extra two 16 bar measures I could have another run at it with the slower pace. Either way seems to work, to me, so if you want to leave as is I will eventually find time to improve on that quick vocal.

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BKWilliamson   commented 1yr+8mo ago

Thanks James. So glad you like the lyric.