Dark Ember Adult Alternative

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Dark Ember - Master v2 Uploaded 6yr+13mo ago by TSofT

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TSofT   commented 6yr+13mo ago

Master with more bass, less guitar and some depth. Thanks Ian!


Fretlessian1   commented 6yr+13mo ago

Sounds much much better now Robert. Thanks for taking my advise in consideration. Second listen now...sounds GREAT! I do still hear 2 things now if you are interested. First if of all...It could be a little bit louder....it IS a rock song after all. :) Pretty good bit louder if you can before it distorts. Second...maybe bring the solo guitar parts just a tiny bit in the mix... maybe 1db or 2db Thirdly... I love my bass sound on this song...you did a great job getting the most out of it... :) You should start a post, or maybe I should on what you did. Lots of folk here seem to have difficulty with my bass tracks.... Hope to hear from Ryan on this as well. See how he likes his vocal input.

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RyanLucas   commented 6yr+13mo ago

Hehe... Yeah man! Yeah! :D This mix makes me want to drive with the pedal to the metal. \m/

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TSofT   commented 6yr+13mo ago

Thanks guys for feedback and support! It's good to hear what other people think, when comes to mixing and mastering, and I always consider opinions and advices. That's why this community is so awesome!


JP   commented 6yr+3mo ago

Masterful master.