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Nate (ChamberZ) - Vocals & Lyrics 

Low (lyrics) 

Strange minds think alike 
and we're as strange as they come 

Desperation leads you 
to places you never thought you'd go 
but i'm more than willing to follow you 

Through hardship,complication 
i'd go through hell and back 
just to embrace you one more time 

you know I would 

Give up anything obtained 
to follow you into the rain 
not see you go 

I'd sink to the lowest of lows 

Seeing signs within the lines 
so vividly it's plain 

Simple is the life before 
so much clearer than the past 
but these obstacles they block my path 

To higher ground, the faces 
all staring back at me 
they make me feel so insecure 

Just see it through 

Be my pillar, let me lean 
against you through a life unseen 
don't let me go 

We'll climb from the lowest of lows

Work in Progress !

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Genre Indie Rock BPM 76.0

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