I Am The Weapon ( Vigilante Crap ) Indie Rock

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Creative Brief

Invitation for keyboards is already sent...beyond that its open to what fits...its spin-off enabled if you want to go off-road with it...here are the lyrics and chords

I Am The Weapon

Verse 1

I know ya hate surprises, didn't think you'd see me

its all about control, there's no, place for me to be

I think I'll hang around awhile, now that I'm here

careful what ya say to me, you've reason to fear



Yeah I am the weapon, you didn't count on

I am the weapon, I've been here all along

I am the weapon, that made your evil schemes/plans go wrong


Verse 2

All the years ya spent perfecting technology

everything you thought of, each contingency

yet here I stand before you face to face

ya look good enough to eat, like a piece of chocolate cake





I am the weapon, you couldn't see

I am above technology

state of the art, baby that's what I am

a weapons system, ya can't understand


instrumental bit


Verse 3

Not sure I'm really any better than you

could be I'm just a different breed of jerk that's new

but the time has come for you to vanish my friend

everything you say and do is dirtier than sin




intro to fade...


Chords...per jguitar.com

intro...A5   C#5   A5   F#5   A5   C#5   D5   F5   E5...A5   C#5   A5   F#5   A5   C#5   D5   E5

verse 1...A5   F#5   A5   F#5   A5   F#5   D5   E5...repeat

chorus...A5   F5   D5   E5...A5   F5   D5   B5...A5   F5   E5   D5

intro...same chords as other intro

verse 2...same chords

chorus...same chords

intro (partial)...1st 9 chords only

bridge...D5   F5   F#5   E5...D5   B5   F5   E5

verse (instrumental)...same chords

verse 3...same chords

chorus...same chords

fade out...same chords as intro...



Additional Information

Genre Indie Rock BPM 112.0

Collaboration started January 1, 2019 by jubal
Last upload 1yr+6mo ago

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Copyright © 2019 by jubal, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Jan 1, 2019

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