Underneath The Summer Moon Contemporary Country

  Spin-off   Spun by Wvcoffeechick

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Underneath The Summer Moon - Master v1 Uploaded 4mo+6dy ago by ecino

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ecino   commented 4mo+15dy ago

Didn't do much to this amazing mix! Level is at -14db LUFS, overall tonal balance is a bit brighter and stereo field enhanced. Don't hesitate to give your feedback if you find anything you would like to change or improve.

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formfisch   commented 4mo+13dy ago

Thanks, I?m going to have closer listen when I?m back home next week!

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formfisch   commented 4mo+6dy ago

Like it! Much more clarity, less mud in the lower mids. I take it :) Thank you very much and thanks to all contributors!

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ecino   commented 4mo+5dy ago