They All Fly Like Icarus Classic Rock

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They all fly drum idea Uploaded 1yr+8mo ago by cesarmar87

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cesarmar87   commented 1yr+8mo ago

Hi Avi, this is an idea for the drums...I think that are some adjustments to do about phase but that´s the idea.... please tell me if you want to change something...

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AviRosenfeld   commented 1yr+8mo ago

Thanks! Overall this is cool, I would chnage few things 0:03 - 0:22 - some expressive cymbals ( like Genesis\King Crimson) 0:29-0:53 Intro breaks\stops should be together with the guitar breaks (sometimes you play it) 1:37 Groove - something doesn't work for me with the snare, I think the snare should be more regular. 2:29 Groove - the double bass drum groove is kinda weird sounding for me. Need more regular , to fit with the guitar groove... Thanks!