Burn A Few Bridges written by Scott C. Villnuve and Whitman Rinaldo Country

Started by Scottyv, © All Rights Reserved 2019



Burn a Few Bridges mix Uploaded 2mo+19dy ago by Owhit

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TomCorea   commented 22 days ago

Nice mix sir!!!!! (I was just working on your new tune and saw this pop up)

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Owhit   commented 22 days ago

Sometimes you gotta let 'em sit a while to refresh your ears. And I've got new VST's which give you clean power.

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Scottyv   commented 22 days ago

Agreed! Nice mix Whitman and well done with your drums Tom! Can't think of anything else it needs...The lyric sounds like it may be heavy on cliches...but it works!~ cheers Scotty