Words on paper. (Peter Vogel lyrics) Teen Pop

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By Emily Linge
1yr+2mo ago

Hello everyone!


I changed the title to Words on paper because Peter liked it better.

Hope I will not confuse you all too much.


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Scottyv   commented 1yr+2mo ago

Hi sweetie! Not sure if I confused you...I posted a comment about changing the title to "Words On Paper" then deleted it because I didn't want to create any negativity in such a beautiful collaboration! But If Peter also liked that idea i would agree, it repeats much more often in the song...beautiful work all! scotty

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Buttercup   commented 1yr+2mo ago

No worries Scotty my dear, It was a good suggestion that Peter completely agreed about! x

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Jorgephoenixx   commented 1yr+2mo ago

Hi sweetie, I love your song and vocal !!! I will import your song and see if I can multitrack something for violin and upload a rough mix. Oh I play electric violin for recording [world class 8-pickup custom Zeta Jazz/Fusion solid bodies]. I am getting back into Kompoz and just upgraded my studio work station with new computer, software, and external effects. It will take a few days. Jorge

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Jorgephoenixx   commented 1yr+2mo ago

Hi sweetie, I downloaded the engineering mix and it sounds great. Its really full and I will have a hard time finding space to add violin. Is there another mix up there, or one you can come up with without much trouble, that would open things up for me. Perhaps just vocal, drums, bass, guitar, some keys, NO strings. Otherwise I will see what I can do but its very full. Jorge


sweetie   commented 12mo+4dy ago

Hi Jorge Sorry I missed this message. I think this song is finished but I hope we can collaborate another time. Best wishes, Emily