Words on paper. (Peter Vogel lyrics) Teen Pop

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Song title

By Emily Linge   1yr+9mo ago

Hello everyone!   I changed the title to Words on paper because Peter liked it better. Hope I will not confuse you all too much.

Thank you to all for sharing your ideas!

By Emily Linge   1yr+9mo ago

Thank you for sharing your ideas!   Sorry for being late to respond but I have been so busy with school all week. I just got on here and I am shocked and happy to see so many ideas. I will take the time to listen to them all over the next few da...

I have to mix it!! Very wonderful music!

By Alexandre Lachowski   1yr+9mo ago

Hi, I am a brazilian musical producer and audio engineer and I joined this community few day ago, this is one of my first contact with the projects here but I can say that I really liked it and would be very glad to join into this project and whatever ...


By Christine Linge   1yr+9mo ago

Oh Gosh guys, you are all so amazing! Just want to let you know that Emily has school all week from Sunday to Thursday (weekends in Dubai are on Fridays & Saturdays) but I know she is going to be delighted to hear all of your ideas! I will downlo...