Brown Sugar - Join In Classic Rock

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Sax Audition Uploaded 8mo+18dy ago by MDK

Mix   Accepted   audio/x-wav   57.18 MB   Engineering-Scratch Demo   Saxophone   13 Plays   0 Downloads  




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MDK   commented 8mo+18dy ago

Sorry I'm a little late. I'll upload my sep and you can use or not.


Mykk   commented 8mo+18dy ago

Nice! :)

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dogbizkits   commented 8mo+18dy ago

Oh... wow! Works for me, Marty. I can fix the 'lateness' Thank you so much :-) Perfect !!

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MDK   commented 8mo+18dy ago

I'm having monitoring issues, I blew up amp and am learning new software.... I expected it to be a lot worse.

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WalterPaulOwen   commented 8mo+18dy ago

Sounds good to me Sven. Thank ya Mucho !!