LOST IT ALL Adult Contemporary

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Creative Brief

LOST IT ALL.  This is a song I wrote about being so focused on what you think is important (job, career, having nice things or just the grind of life) that you lose sight of what is really important.  The song is centered around the idea that what one person thinks is important may not be what is actually important to the other person, even though everything they are doing are for that person.  Being there and spending time is what actually matters.  But you find out too late.


My vocal track is really to be used as a blueprint as to how I hear the song in my head.  I'm in no way attached to my version/melody.  If you hear something different please redo the words, tempo, melody etc.  I promise you will not hurt my feelings.  Once I hear a version that I feel captures the direction I like I'll delete my vocal, because, I sound like a wounded cat, scratching on a blackboard, but it gives you an idea. And as alway, please feel free to spin-off and take the song/lyrics in an entirely new direction should you choose.  I love to hear what other people hear. 


All of the above is LyricsAbound.

This is my second spin of this song; that's how much I love it. This one will be a vocal split female/male with keith2012 and possibly PortlandKeyboards if he is interested in doing a bedtrack for us. :) 

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Genre Adult Contemporary Key c# BPM 90.0

Collaboration started January 24, 2019 by ShannonB
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