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by Joel Sattler

I got a job in Vegas
Dealing the cards for wages
It was for kicks and folding money
But Vegas was too sunny
It burned my eyes and fingers
I met a chorus singer

She was so wild or something
She kept me all night thumping
A week with her was crazy crazy crazy
The boss threw me out, he thought I was lazy
He told me get a new job
I's out the door and
That was that

Out on the street a cop
Said hold up turn around and stop
Put up your god dam hands
Said miss is this the man
She said sir yes he was
Don't shoot him sir because

Although he stole my heart
He's not so really really very smart
Then she began to wail
They threw us both in jail
Nobody made my bail
They turned the key and
That was that

They let me go next morning
With just a fine and just warning
They said keep off behave or else
She said you watch yourself

She took a cab was there
And left for who knows where
I went into casino
Just like my home in Reno
I could no longer stand it
My final dime in the bandit

The bells they started ringing
The manager was singing
You won a million dollars
They all stood up and hollered
The girls were hot and smoking
But in the morning I was broke
Without a dime and
That was that

I wandered lost and lonely
She was my one and only
I walked the strip uptown
And back and all around
My buddy said he'd fix it
He handed me a ticket

I found her at the station
I said who are you waiting
She said nobody honey
I said now that is funny
I am nobody that is plain
We took the train and
That was that


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