Love Is Adult Alternative

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LOVE IS IDEA Uploaded 6yr+10mo ago by ArlanAndCompany

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ArlanAndCompany   commented 6yr+10mo ago

Well G, here is the initial idea. I still consider it to be kind of rough. Most of the drummers and lead players prefer to have the vocals in place before getting involved. And I am not sure exactly what tracks you were wanting. This mix has over 45 tracks as I do what is called "old fashion stem mixing". My stems aren't like most of what is posted here. I would be happy to upload all these tracks if you want to do the mixing - probably take a few days - let me know.

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DantheMan   commented 6yr+10mo ago

I like this idea. Gai, you can use this if you like it better. No problem. I don't have any new ideas for my idea.


ArlanAndCompany   commented 6yr+10mo ago

Thanks for the support Dan. Much appreciated.


HunnyG   commented 6yr+10mo ago

l am happy for you to be in control :) this is how l work lol l can sing to just drums if that is what is asked of me or just to the air around xo l am not the kind of artist that needs this or that and that is why studios love me haha xoG