Whispers in the Storm Orchestral

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kenzoK   commented 6yr+4mo ago

I must replace the Bass!


Norswede   commented 6yr+4mo ago

Very beautiful song Ken! But with my headphones on, those whispers made me feel like I have schizophrenia LMAO Listen to it with headphones and you will know what I mean ;-) Not a bad thing though. It's a cool effect.


kenzoK   commented 6yr+4mo ago

Eh eh;)

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joel_sattlersongs   commented 6yr+4mo ago

WHISPERS IN THE STORM song lyrics by Joel Sattler I walked along the edge of night and as I walked the clouds rolled by and in the wind I heard words form like hidden whispers in the storm I tried to understand the sounds in memory that I had found but all my lies went underground I couldn't reach them so far down but still I listened in the morn to hear the whispers in the storm secret whispers in the storm that hurt me like a rosy thorn somewhere safe a fire burns in a hearth so safe and warm somewhere pages are unturned the past is not a thing to scorn somewhere there's a love to learn a love that still can be reborn so I listen to the rain to hear the whispers in the storm whispers in the storm whispers in the storm whispers.... =================


paxtonwexford   commented 5yr+4mo ago

I love this song, can I help?