For Whom We Dream Psychedelic

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Lyrics and instruments

By Jannik Gade
1yr+5mo ago

Hi all!

I'm in the lucky position that I've received multiple lyrics and instrumental contributions for the tune! Thanks to you all!

Of course it will be hard to fit especially multiple lyrics into one song so I'll open spin-offs for the collaboration so we can explore these different directions and still keep the tunes somewhat organized. So if you wish to explore a separate direction, please make a spin-off, but I will try to use as many of the parts as possible in this version so you can also just wait and see what happens :)

I'm adding all of you as contributors so that spin-offs can be enabled for project members.


Thanks again for sharing your creative ideas with me :)





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Roadsyboy   commented 3mo+13dy ago

Hi Jannik, I love this tune. I like to have a go at doing a mix for you in you would let me. I have downloaded what was here, but do you have the guitar seps please? Thank you Craig