This Rust Goth Rock

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This Rust Trial Mix for Kompoz Uploaded 2mo+9dy ago by DonnieAlan

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DonnieAlan   commented 2mo+9dy ago

Bill - Here are several ideas for this track mixed in with what you had. I used Dune 3 for everything just for fun. I also uploaded all the seps so you can begin to arrange how you see fit. Its got the beginnings of a good track I think. Feel free to move things around, take out, whatever. Let me know if you want other additions, changes, etc.

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sriracha   commented 2mo+9dy ago

Heya Donnie. Thanks for the cool ideas. I'll be honest and say I would not use the melodic parts since there's already a ton of melodic direction in the choruses from the guitars. I got to think about it all since as I noted in PM, space is really important and this is a lot of stuff filling that space, lol. I'll grab stuff and play around.

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DonnieAlan   commented 2mo+9dy ago

I wasn't thinking you'd use everything all at once. I just threw them all in so you'd have some idea of what's there. But, yeah, definitely play around and see what you like (or don't like). I may come up with some additional stuff. My idea with the flute thing was use at the start, but then drop it out when the guitars really take over, especially after the bridge. Its not there at all then. Nor should it be! The individual parts are easily divided up so you can mix/match however.

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DonnieAlan   commented 2mo+8dy ago

Bill I've uploaded the SEPs you wanted, 24bit, 44.1k WAVs. There are 3 of each. One with the reverb and delay fx built in to the patch on the VI, one with reverb off but delay on, and one fully dry. You can decide which fits the mix better! I always have a hard time knowing what to do with synth patches that come with built in fx...especially delay or reverb. About half the time I ditch the fx on the VI and add my own on the track. Which means I keep them as is the other half. Dealer's choice!

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sriracha   commented 2mo+8dy ago

perfect, and thanks!