Out of Time Rock

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Drum idea Uploaded 1mo+7dy ago by CoryFrey

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CoryFrey   commented 2mo+15dy ago

Took a stab on this tonight.

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RGBass   commented 2mo+15dy ago

What a take! The energy in your drums is astounding Cory. You hit em just right everytime:)

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CoryFrey   commented 2mo+15dy ago

Hi Rob! Hey man, thanks for lurking around for a listen. Rock On!

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sriracha   commented 2mo+15dy ago

Man - that is spot on the feel I heard in my head for this. The lead into the solo really drives that. :D

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CoryFrey   commented 2mo+14dy ago


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DonnieAlan   commented 2mo+14dy ago

Those drums sound great Cory. So does everything else! This has become a great track!

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munks   commented 2mo+9dy ago

WTF 2nd half just went to overdrive!!! This not just goth

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sriracha   commented 2mo+9dy ago

:D Well, I thought I'd change this one up and say it was something other than Metal. Cory's nuanced play keeps developing as the song progresses and it just brings it all together with the great melodic bassline Jorge did.

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sriracha   commented 2 months ago

man - just listened to this again and seriously - this is killer stuff. Post a comp or whatever you are good with when you are cool.

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CoryFrey   commented 2 months ago

Will do