Like a Stranger Teen Pop

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Like a stranger w @jencarie v5 Uploaded 7mo+29dy ago by douc

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JenCarie   commented 7mo+28dy ago

This is great, Jimmy. Yeah upload a voxless if you will and I'll work on the refrain a bit next week. Thanks so much. :) I'm really hearing the backups as a full 2 part filler. But I'll go a bit different on the melody part.. idk... that think I'm hearing that I do feels awkward... I'll fix it. I promise. :)


douc   commented 7mo+27dy ago

Great, and I will deliver 2 versions, one with all instruments on, and another one with a little more low profile so you have a greater chance to freestyle ;-) Take care// J

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kman   commented 5mo+28dy ago

So wonderful! I love it!