A DOOR INTO SUMMER lyrics by Joel Sattler Contemporary Folk

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Creative Brief

Love this lyric from Joel - our cats follow believe we are personally responsible for the weather, and treat us with total disdain throughout the winter.

Looking for a fresh, mellow vocal (female, male?) and gentle drumming. To finish off, if someone can replace my lead guitar too?

Thanks in advance for helping!



my cat woke me up from a long winter's nap

yowling in my face - sitting on my lap

the temperature outside was 13 below

every tree and fence was covered with snow


he told me quite clearly that he was mad

this was not what he expected to have

he made me go round and open every door

the only thing that I was any good for …

a door into summer

there's got to be

a door into summer

I got to see

a door into summer

before I die


and as he looked out and rejected each op

I begged him understand, I begged him to stop

but he still ignored the simple truth

and he still insisted despite every proof


all day complaining and all night upset

it was even worse than going to the vet

he bitched and he moaned and refused to use the box

and even all the windows he forced me to unlock

a door into summer

there's got to be

a door into summer

don't do this to me

a door into summer

set me free

there once was a year when I had bliss

every day she woke me with a sweet kiss

seemed like the sun was shining every day

all the love in the world was there to stay


but winter comes as it must to us all

after the ever changing fall

she said it's the end and that was that

and left me all alone – just me and the cat

a door into summer

there's got to be

a door into summer

my memory

a door into summer

all I need's

a door into summer



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Genre Contemporary Folk Key G BPM 79.0

Collaboration started February 9, 2019 by TeeCee
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