Beautiful Liar (feat. FredOTTS) Electronica

  Spin-off   Spun by RyanLucas



Beautiful Liar Uploaded 1yr+5mo ago by FredOTTS

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RyanLucas   commented 1yr+5mo ago

Bravo, Fred! Once again, I really like what you've done. Somehow, the music sounds dark and mysterious while being tender and beautiful at the same time. I also like the boost of energy towards the middle which makes the song more dynamic. I hope you don't mind me creating a spin-off to properly feature your idea. Cheers! :)

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FredOTTS   commented 1yr+5mo ago

Hi Ryan, Glad you liked it. Actually I kept all your synths, the only thing I did not reuse is the drums as they didn't fit with the "piano" mood. This mix was a mp3, I have actually an updated mix with higher quality (wav), and some tweaks in the sound (still dark piano but more opened). I'll upload the seps, to make everything clean in the files. If you think I should change anything please don't hesitate to ask :) Fred.

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RyanLucas   commented 1yr+5mo ago

You made a lot of smart decisions. For example, I'm glad you didn't use the original drums. It's interesting how the percussion now is sparse, but it works so well. Yes, a WAV and the individual tracks would be much appreciated. Thanks again! :)