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World Gone Mad New Mix Uploaded 1yr+6mo ago by skrapco

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skrapco   commented 1yr+6mo ago

Wanted to do one more to get rid of some of the weirdnesses I heard on my last mix. The guitar solo was too loud and just kinda cut off unceremoniously among other things. Plus it's a hi-res 24/96 WAV file. Such a huge mix - I think I'll do a solo ukulele thing next. Ah, who am I kidding? This was fun!

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peterrand   commented 1yr+6mo ago

Brian, excellent stuff - thanks! Strangely I'm sat here looking at a Ukulele as I listen to this, sadly it has seen very little action. Maybe the world isn't ready for a 9 minute Uke-Prog Epic?

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skrapco   commented 1yr+6mo ago

I've used mine here and there for effect, but never carrying a song (yet).

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Lukas_Adro   commented 1yr+6mo ago

I like it!