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Experimental- I left the full version available in case this idea is not of interest. Strings are removed-looking for a replacement. I can re-sing if needed. Lyrics that I wrote for an R & B track that were declined. So I created this acoustic version. Thanks for listening :)~Intro (D-Dmaj7-Am)3rd Capo- Are we telling tales about where were gonna be -creating the perfect fairytale with the one I love sitting next to me. Now I'm hearing talk, from this one I love, that's not exactly planned -please sit down and explain yourself help me understand. Chorus-( E-G-Am-C) You're finding it hard communicating your love-you have no trouble expressing those needs-please tell me something that I don't already know-continue please -aha- continue please- aha. V1 Maybe it's insecurity something that's haunting you. Something I can't fix something you might have to do. We all have fears in love people experience this every day, all afraid of getting close or hurt or the other one going away. -C- V2- My love is unconditional that's a reliable fact. No conditions or suspicions nothing bad here to retract. You can count on what I say. "Hey" you can trust in what I do -believe in what I offer ,because I want you to. B(Em- A) (D7) I'll give you a little insight. You can rest assure and calm your mind everything is gonna be alright. No need to look in the past what's done is done. Look at this as a gift -a love that will last -and we've just begun aha, we've just begun aha.- V3- Don't mind with what the others say let them all disappear. It is now okay that's why I'm here. Please don't wrap yourself up in the preconceived, You need to drop the notion baby that this love is make believe. -End- Tell me what I need to know so I can repair your broken soul- Please continue-Please

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