Just a Lil' Bit Kinda Sleazy (GTR + Drums) Hard Rock

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Help me finish this collaboration. I am currently requesting uploads for the tracks listed below. Feel free to contribute.
- jeezesgodson
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Vocals-Female 1yr+7mo ago - 2
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Creative Brief


I think it's a kinda Party HardRock Groove-Toon that needs a staccato-ish soulful Female Singer with own lyrics & synthie keyboards + strings, if possible... TIGHT Bass & TIGHT Drums are needed too, but Those I can do myself, eventually, if no one else wants to join the party... It's ALL about "The Funkee Groove Pocket" ! And it's my Virgin upload, so keepin' it light & snappy is of the essence ! - I guess... :D

ALL GTR & Drum parts WILL be replaced later, using REAL amps and Toontrack Drum-expansions !

- 4 Bars Count-in            - Tonality                                                           Bar 1 - Bar 2 - Bar 3 - Bar 4

1. Intro (Starts at 00:08) - F major

2. Verse (Starts at 00:27) - F major - (Chords = Bass Root Notes/Harmony = D# - D# - F - F)

3. Bridge (Starts at 00:45) - F minor

4. Chorus (Starts at 00:54) - F minor - (Chords = Bass Root Notes/Harmony = Fm - D# - A# - C)

5. Post-Chorus (Starts at 01:12) - F major

6. 3rd. Verse (Starts at 01:21)

7. 2nd. Bridge (Starts at 01:39)

8. 2nd. Chorus (Starts at 01:48)

9. 3rd. Chorus (Starts at 02:06)

10. 2nd. Post-Chorus (Starts at 02:24)

11. Break/ C-Part (To Be Recorded Sooner Than Later)

12. Geeetaarrrgh Solo (To Be Recorded Sooner Than Later)

13. 3rd. Bridge (To Be Recorded Sooner Than Later)

14. 4th. Chorus (To Be Recorded Sooner Than Later)

15. 5th. Chorus (To Be Recorded Sooner Than Later)

16. 3rd. Post Chorus (To Be Recorded Sooner Than Later)

17. EPIC Explosion and/or Curly Sound FX (To Be Added  Later)


This is my VERY first attempt at writing music with perfect strangers, so I'm a bit antsy about losing my digital virginity on an international platform… :D

So Dream Case Scenario is that the finished song ends up so freeeakin' stellar, that it winds up on my/or our next album releases, or as a Duo or Group Release....

And worst case scenario is that it ends up as a Crisp & Juicy "Mix-Tape-Thingy" for free download, so ALL contributors can use it freely on their social media pages as part of their personal "show-reel-thang", so your time & effort hasn't been wasted, no matter what !

- in THAT case, I reserve the right to re-write/re-record a new version for my next album/group project, with full credit to any contributors if their contributions makes it ALL the way to my finished album release ! 

So if one of YOUR tasty lyrix, melody, keyboard or bass riffs winds up on a finished album release, you'll get songwriter and/or arranger credits !

I'm a gentle soul, so I'd hate if anyone felt abused or betrayed later...

I'll ALWAYS respect YOUR personal ownership of ANYTHING that YOU have written, so I'll NEVER use anything against your will ! I'll just have to come up with a different replacement thingy of my own, so you can use whatever YOU wrote in your own future songs, if things go south, for any reason...

So you can KEEP what's YOURS, and I can keep what's mine, if we can’t agree on percentages ! I'm into equal sharing, but I don't wanna end up in a situation with arguments or regrets... It's supposed to be fun.

I've previously had ex-songwriting partners steal my sheet, against my will, and release it internationally as their own !  In SEVERAL instances...

- so since I know the pain of being musically robbed, I'd NEVER put others through the same kinda sheet-show !

I take GREAT pride in respecting other peoples sheet, and expect you to do the same !

Even though I’ve NEVER made Pro-level money off ANY previous international album releases, I strive to deliver pro-level performances on the LAST take!

So even though I loooove sleazy & soulful contributions, any half-assed or sloppy performances just makes me severely depressed…

- and THAT is MY fault unfortunately...


And yeah, my Jeezes Godson alias is just for sheets & giggles…


PS: If all the above makes me come off as a self-absorbed corn-hole, please accept my sincerest appologies !

- my social/people skills I'm told, are bordering on non-existant, so I REALLY don't have a lot to work with...

It's my sincerest hopes & intentions that all if any participants will feel happy & shiny about the end result !




Geeetaarr is downtuned 4 half-steps (E = C) so I think a 5-string Bass will come in EXTRA handy !

I like to fooork around between Major & Minor 3rd tonality to give it a kinda Country-Crusher Vibe, but if following the gtr-chords, things'll be just fine....

- I hope... 

And ehrm, for inspiration I kinda like the vibe of these, right there:

Sugababes - Freak Like Me (MTV Hitlist Big Night Out 2002)


Aerosmith Heart's Done Time (Groove starts at 00:38)


"All Lips N' Hips" by The Electric Boys (Groove starts at 00:42)

I think they can be found on something called youtube...

Additional Information

Genre Hard Rock Key F BPM 106.0

Collaboration started February 16, 2019 by jeezesgodson
Last upload 1 year ago

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