Just a Lil' Bit Kinda Sleazy (GTR + Drums) Hard Rock

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Jeezes Sleazy Drums Uploaded 1yr+9mo ago by jeezesgodson

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jeezesgodson   commented 1yr+9mo ago

Just added NEW cue Drums ! THIS is kinda the arrangement I'm shooting for in terms of Drum-arrangement. I'm only 70% satisfied, so hopefully a REAL drummer will come up with MUCH better drum-fills than me, but I'm pretty happy with the parts like where there's hihat and where there's ride, and the kick-drum patterns that are kept to a minimum... Of course I'd be VERY happy if a Drummer comes up with his own interpretation, so NOTHING is cast in stone, yet ! It's VERY important to me, that ALL participants feel GREAT about their final parts ! :)


timelesspassion   commented 1yr+2mo ago

I really like the guitar and drums but will try myself on the bass to get this to the next level.


timelesspassion   commented 1yr+2mo ago

is this now the "final structure"? or more the ones you uploaded on soundcloud? then I would need those without the bass.