Verbal Assault - The Rhetoric grows Hip-Hop/Rap

Started by JayeshRaikar, © All Rights Reserved 2019



[00:37 to 01:11] Swim around while the rhetoric grows Start a fire between friends and foes We dance around as the saying goes 'On your knees, there are no heroes!' Protect yourself with insulations And then I wish 'Congratulations!' To a whole new and budding world Celebrating the flags unfurled Of idols so drunk, idols corrupt Pushing the cornered to erupt So where are you placing your bids? Looking for skills or looking for kids? You have gone blind, you won't see signs The streets are infested by landmines You put price tags on their blood They will rub your face in the mud [01:12 to 01:13] Can you hear that? [01:20 to 01:55] I won't be a member of your club I won't get into that hot tub Get naked with you or your dogs You are all holes, you are all clogs In the system, infected with rust Slowly, steadily turning unjust Your work will soon be charging a fee You better wake up, smell the coffee For years, you have been mining for gold Count the chunks of your soul that you sold Your profits scream of stories untold One night, the nightmares will unfold And haunt you, they won't let you sleep The tumour crept inside you too deep Hang back as the universe judges There will be no warnings, no nudges [01:55 to 01:56] Can you hear that? [02:04 to 02:05] Can you hear that? [02:13 to 02:14] Can you hear that? [02:22 to 02:23] Can you hear that? [02:30 to 03:05] That is a stampede approaching How far can you run? They are all done with the poaching The war was never won Run for your life, this isn't a hunt Be hunted by weapons so blunt How many fell to your coaching? Hide behind the sun You have been playing with fear Playing with their thirst How long would it stay unclear? Your bubble has burst The writing is now on the wall Bow to your judgement standing tall Your demons will now appear Now you face the worst [03:05 to 03:06] Can you hear that? [03:14 to 03:15] Can you hear that? [03:23 to 03:24] Can you hear that?

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