Wire Mother Metal

Started by JohnnyLiar, © All Rights Reserved 2013



Wired Mother demo Uploaded 2yr+4mo ago by bcstudios

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bcstudios   commented 2yr+4mo ago

Could not let this tune set without vocals..Great great song!!!


JohnnyLiar   commented 2yr+4mo ago

Wow, so cool to hear this with vocals! I really like what you did in the verse--seems like a good range for you--has a Geoff Tate vibe:)

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bcstudios   commented 2yr+4mo ago

These vocals should be a much higher quality the very first one I did for you. Got a whole new set up now and know better about how to use it


USAsongwriter   commented 2yr+4mo ago

Nice job bc...but hey jl...shouldnt I be listed as a collaborator being that I wrote the lyrics?