Like Rust (Lyric) Goth Rock

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ShannonB   commented 4mo+6dy ago

Ha, ha everyone, of course this is Shannon's PostModern joke! :) This is why we're sticking with a capella, if anyone is curious! :))))). This is what happens when Shannon has too much time on her hands! Oh no, I'm talking in third person again; as if the mix weren't scary enough! :))))


LooknGlass   commented 4mo+5dy ago

Liking the direction Shannon!

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RobAsh15   commented 7 days ago

Song needs a producer, Shannon. Someone you trust enough to listen to. Not offering. I like collaborating, not fighting. But if you had a producer you felt like you couldn't ignore, that had real skills and experience, this has more good going on than bad. Voicing needs clarification. Not sure I agree that it needs to be a Capella, but it does need to be clarified. It's a real bitch to have two leads doing two different things like this... I know. Listen to the last chorus in this: Jump to 4:58 if you don't want to listen to the whole song. Ghosting the second set of sung lines in there behind the "spoken" chorus was more of a bitch than you might imagine. Bass on this tune needs to roll more, Shannon. It's too stochastic now. Bass should flow a bit more under the rest of the music. Since your drums are also stochastic, the bass is making the song sound "jerky". if that's the intent then cool, but to me it just doesn't roll enough. Not sure what "Goth" means... such monikers tend to be so fluid I have trouble keeping up with the nuances. I'll tell you what this sounds like to me, and that's Fleetwood Mac. From around the "Tusk" time frame. Which is why I "hear" the bass having more fluidity. The bass could establish more of a rhythm for the music, and even out the sort of "jungle drum beat" feel it has now. Keys would add a lot. But then you run into more probs with the vocals. All that "stuff'... competing for the middle ground... but if you cave and go with a single voice on lead, I think you are defeating part of what makes the song cool. Cool idea. I'll look forward to watching where this goes.

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ShannonB   commented 7 days ago

Thanks, Rob! I will add "producer" to my talents list and try to promote it a little. I need reminders like this, and I'm always grateful to anyone that will advise me. I'm just sorry you're not offering. :) I don't imagine there would be much fighting. Just gratitude! :)