Pandemic - Can you hear those Voices? (only Lyrics uploaded) Metal

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[verse 1] it had been years since the research started we had been cut off from all it consumed the weak, broke the strong hearted the patience began to fall nature had refused to bite on our bait infiltrating the blood stream we had begun to become desperate we went on for the extreme [verse 2] the environment inside the clean room somehow broke down to it's worst we didn't know we had brought down our doom we were quenching our thirst the virus evolved into a foul ghost it craved hard to dominate the virus decapitated the host we had to deactivate [bridge] don't be discouraged by failure nothing in it that is new the research cannot derail here for the hard deaths of a few and the tests shall continue [instrumental / guitar solo] [verse 3 (different melody)] but can you hear those voices? coming from within the walls? coming from the dining halls? something crawls! can you hear those voices? it is messing up my head when it comes out from the dead it's inbred! [outro] can you hear those voices? can you hear those voices? can you hear those voices? can you hear those voices?

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