Unsettling - Paranoia Hip-Hop/Rap

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Metal subgenre?

By Anon Anon
10mo+26dy ago

I'm definitely very interested in participating in this collab.  Love the lyrics.

What subgenre of metal were you looking for in particular?


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JayeshRaikar   commented 10mo+26dy ago

Hey Anon, It's cool you like the Lyrics I'm not looking for any sub genre in particular. As long as it's hard and heavy, I'm fine with it Do let me know if you have any other queries or concerns. Cheers! Jayesh


NINJER71011   commented 10mo+25dy ago

Sounds great! What I think I might do at first is maybe just compose some individual riffs and then post demos and the tabs so that maybe other guitarists can learn them and make them into the full song if they want. I don't want to be the only person participating in the creative process of the song.


JayeshRaikar   commented 10mo+25dy ago

No issues. You can choose any process that makes you comfortable