Unsettling - Paranoia Hip-Hop/Rap

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[00:57 to 01:19] Trust me, my lone brother You don't want to be me I haven't slept for days As I am cursed to see Nightmares so violent I'm pushed out of my sleep So many long nights I Corner myself and weep [01:19 to 01:24] It is not paranoia I don't hallucinate [01:30 to 01:35] Why don't you believe me? Don't let this be my fate [02:04 to 02:26] I am in direct conflict With what the world follows Ask me what it feels like Living amongst shadows Doctors say I need help This all is in my head One moment I feel free The next, chained to my bed [02:26 to 02:31] It is not paranoia This hell ain't worth the search [02:37 to 02:42] The bells of my funeral Do not wake up my church [03:44 to 04:06] The more I try to run The more I trip and fall I'm struck against the ground But still in pain, I crawl The doors keep on slamming Windows never stay locked I shake with the calls of Crows outside that have flocked [04:07 to 04:17] It is not paranoia Somehow I see light bend I am on my knees to them But this nightmare won't end [04:18 to 04:28] It is not paranoia But you still won't believe I am condemned forever For I can never ever leave

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JayeshRaikar   commented 8mo+9dy ago

The timestamps are as per the following Mix: https://www.kompoz.com/music/collaboration/911894/file/1021549