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Help me finish this collaboration. I am currently requesting uploads for the tracks listed below. Feel free to contribute.
- jubal
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Creative Brief

Invitation for drums is already sent...aside from that its open to whatever works...its also spin-off enabled if you want to go down another are the lyrics and chords

Not As Advertised

Listenin to the ones who make promises

wonder if its all just a game

their resume it really tells ya everything

guess its time I finally grew a brain



Not as advertised, on the big screen

not the way, big tit lady 'splained

not as advertised in the campaign

not the way I thought It'd be at all



See it all, start to unravel

see it fall to pieces on the ground

free the courts, to look in all directions

free the minds, locked down


2nd verse:

Hunting in the wilderness of lobbyists

agenda driven crap, all ya see

truth is such a strange and novel concept

makes 'em panic, makes 'em squeeze their pee-pee





See it all, only smoke and mirrors

there's no steak, all there is is sizzle

free to ask, need more information

time to solve, this dirty puzzle


instrumental bit







intro...B5   D5   G5   F#5...4 reps

verse...B5   D5   G5   F#5...2 reps

chorus...same chords as intro...8 reps

bridge 1...E5   D5   C#5   C5   B5   E5   D5   C#5...3 reps...then E5   D5   C#5   C5   B5

intro...same chords as before

verse...same chords

chorus 2...same chords

bridge 2...same chords

instrumental chorus...same chords as previous chorus

chorus 3...same chords



Additional Information

Genre Pop/Rock BPM 190.0

Collaboration started March 1, 2019 by jubal
Last upload 28 days ago

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Copyright © 2019 by jubal, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Mar 1, 2019

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Sound Recording: Equally with other collaborators
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