Healer Dance Salsa y Tropical

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Creative Brief

Been working on this over the last few weeks.  Looking for a piano line, lyrics and female vocals. Rough mix, I'm going to add some nylon string lines here and there still.


chord structure

after intro :    

11- 33 seconds  A/Amaj7/Bm/A/E

33- 43 seconds  Amaj 7 sliding up to bflat maj7 (but with base A note)

44- 55 seconds   C#m/F#m7     Bm/E7

55- 1:06  seconds  Bm/F#7   Bm/Gflat    E

1:07  back to start.

at 1:49 to 2:05  A D C#  A E D x 2  E

Additional Information

Genre Salsa y Tropical Key A BPM 180.0

Collaboration started March 2, 2019 by Wally099
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Copyright © 2019 by Wally099, All Rights Reserved.
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