Dreamers Awake Electronic

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Dreamers Awake njd3 drums Uploaded 7mo+7dy ago by njd3

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njd3   commented 7mo+9dy ago

ha. just when i thought Christine's voice couldn't get any more beautiful....... just tossing this out there....

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Buttercup   commented 7mo+8dy ago

Thank you! I think the cymbals at the start add something really nice!, I agree with Peter about maybe coming in with the kit a bit later on in the song.

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njd3   commented 7mo+8dy ago

so it sounds like we're thinking cymbal work to open up then full kit around 1:30. I'll see what I can manage

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peterrand   commented 7mo+9dy ago

Thanks Nick! Sounds good as always! What do you think about starting a bit later in maybe - until (say) "I wish.." at about 1:30? Let me know what you think?

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njd3   commented 7mo+8dy ago

do you think slicing it up would do the trick? or more like a rework?

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peterrand   commented 7mo+8dy ago

Not sure Nick! Whatever suits you best really.