Squirm Rock

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Squirm Idea 190321 Uploaded 11mo+24dy ago by frzinghere

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frzinghere   commented 11mo+24dy ago

I came up with this the day i saw the project and forgot about it... sorry. Its a rough idea, barely mixed and a lot going on. The intro is long and undeveloped, and the pre chorus is a placeholder at this point. The lead saw, shows what im thinking for lyric flow. I figured i would upload this before going on any further...lol. Lemme know what you think. -D


LooknGlass   commented 11mo+21dy ago

Nice!! Love that groove!


LooknGlass   commented 11mo+21dy ago

Going to make you manager, because you know what your doing, and this sounds great already my friend. Lovin it!

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frzinghere   commented 11mo+20dy ago

Awesome, I'll keep working on it! :)