Squirm Rock

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Squirm 190509 Uploaded 1yr+5mo ago by frzinghere

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frzinghere   commented 1yr+5mo ago

I messed with this a little to see what & where this could go. I've been super busy at work. I just uploaded two tracks, one is a bedtrack for someone to lay ideas over without the saw lead, and the other is a sep of the saw lead if the want to be able to have it for reference, im about to change some project settings related to help wanted, etc. The beginning is still the same as I'm not sure how it would go yet, and the I left the end long to give room for anyone's improvisations. If I remember right I doubled the length of the choruses. I figure the more input and creative content we get on this (vocals, guitar etc.), it will take on more direction. I have a feeling the saw will kind of follow the vocals once they are laid down, because it sounds very empty without them right now, but I guess we'll see once we get some lol. The whole thing flows a little better, but it's obviously not there yet.


LooknGlass   commented 1yr+4mo ago

Dude, I also have been workin A LOT, but I love what I'm hearing. If I take a bit to respond, forgive me, I dig this a lot though