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Featured vocal version 125 bpm.
Franco keys
Anders lyrics,vocals and guitar
image by federico stevanin

Franco instrumental version 129bpm
Ive written some lyrics(my own lyric idea,others also welcome) down below and I try to record some vocals tonight,hope the english is ok.

Unspoken words ( lyrics Anders kastor)

It was a while since I saw you, you know I adore you
Unspoken words keep talking in my head.
So what have you been up to, you still have your flat? With that beautiful bay window
Where we naked as lovers drank coffee on every Sunday afternoon.
You always with toasted bread, unspoken words keep talking in my head.
So is it ok if I ask you, how long do you stay in town? But she was in a hurry and she had to run.
Oh if you only knew all those sleepless nights I had to go through
In the darkness I have seen silhouettes of open arms, Iíve thought it was you, but found out it was someone I didnít knew.
Unspoken words I never told you yes I fooled you
With that sorrow deep buried, yeah deep within my chest
Oh yes Iím fine never decline an assignment and be the best
Iím doing well yes Iím fine, trying to convince myself when laying in my bed
Unspoken words keeps talking in my head
You didnít wanna fight the struggle was all mine
Questions still ringing in my head, was it something I said
Why you had to leave instead of taking the fight?
I thought you were alright, just wanted to calm you, and baby never too harm you
And after all these years still feel the hunger for your love.

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