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Can't Get Enough(the more i do, the more i want) Funk

Started by DocDaFunk, © All Rights Reserved 2013



cant get enough 1.3 Uploaded 6yr+12mo ago by antonklinkt

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antonklinkt   commented 6yr+12mo ago

some mixing & arrangement ideas..and my temporary chorus vocal. needs a lot of work.


DocDaFunk   commented 6yr+12mo ago

Very ''clearing'' mix , love it! i totally agree with u , on your brilliant ideas and the work to be done!


StratCas   commented 6yr+12mo ago

Great arrangement and mix Anton...really like where your going with this:)

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liljoe6string   commented 6yr+11mo ago

Bravo! killa mix anton~could see the vox up a bit couple of DB?

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MDK   commented 6yr+11mo ago

Very nice arrangement. There is one area where the vocals and saxes seem to conflict just a bit. The second verse starting at about 1:42. Maybe experiment with shifting the horn lines 1 or 2 beats.

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antonklinkt   commented 6yr+9mo ago

well spotted, good idea...will do.


Abstract   commented 6yr+7mo ago

Another very cool track :o)